This is the cornerstone on which Ness was built. We believe that talent is often lost and dampened within organizations that put profit and share-holder value above all else. We aim to put that talent to better use.

We believe in responsibility and ownership; by empowering our coworkers, we ensure that they will be given the necessary freedom to let their talent grow. As such, empowerment comes hand in hand with trust and confidence, the confidence that coworkers will feel free to express creativity and excellence, and in exchange we trust they will provide feedback when something is holding them back to provide Ness with the best of their abilities.

This stems from the belief that people do not lack ability, they lack courage. The courage to try, the courage to fail and own that failure, the courage to take risks and to stand up for what we believe in as an individual. By empowering talented coworkers, we ensure they will cultivate courage, learn what battles they should pick and when to grit their teeth. We consider courage a resource that any coworker can grow, expand, and save-up on to reach their goals no matter the hardships.

This means letting go of the traditional way of perceiving leadership. From then on, leadership is no longer bound to a downward direction but flows freely from the newest recruits to the most senior members.

Notice these building blocks all come from within, as William Arthur Ward stated: “Happiness is an inside job”.

This statement implies that our courageous, confident, trustful, empowered coworkers will work within the realms of their own standards. As a member of Ness, you stand to represent Ness as if it was your own company. Therefore, our coworkers aim shouldn’t be to receive praise or having others define what is “good” in their place, in staid they are to take praise and criticism as an indication of perceived quality yet let themselves be the measuring stick of their own excellence.

Start the journey with us.