Nastassia Gumuchdjian has been a change manager for over 11 years and has enthusiastically founded Ness to make sure that qualitative change management can be offered to sustainable companies and initiatives. She advised a CFO in a major Belgian company, leading a program that would change the way it is managing its strategic projects. She served as a PMO for a major Belgian hospital and worked on the ecological transition plan for the Walloon government.

Nastassia graduated in 2009 with a Master’s in engineering electricity, in 2010 with a Master’s in decision engineering and has recently started a Master’s in agroecology. Passionate about social impact and the environment, Nastassia has also started a school to help disadvantaged children to help them on the road to college. She supports reforestation initiatives like MyForest Armenia as well.

Nastassia speaks 4 languages, loves to sail and read Persian poetry from Rumi, she also recently started experimenting various permaculture techniques to see what makes plants naturally more resistant to pests and extreme temperature while consuming minimal amounts of water.